Sunday, September 19, 2010

Farm Truck?

In my little neighborhood of Battery Park, we don't often (ever?) see New York-y things like food trucks, etc. But this morning on my walk with Buddy we passed this truck. It's a farmer's market gone food truck.

With further digging, I found out Holton Farms is part of a CSA (community supported agriculture) program and Battery Park is one of their pick-up points for their members. From the web site, here's how I gather a CSA works:

  • Sign up and pay a fee in early spring
  • Farms use the fee to buy supplies, maintain their farms, etc.
  • Weekly boxes of fresh produce & meats starting in early summer through late fall
  • As an added bonus, Holton Farms lets you pick and choose your produce & meats 

Wow! Alright, I know. I could just walk across the highway to the Farmer's Market on by Washington Park in Tribeca. But this is pretty nice to pick up some fresh veg (and some farm pantry products like maple syrup, mmm) while walking the dog in the morning. And with no crowds. I didn't buy anything this time (stupid me doesn't bring a wallet on dog walks) but next Saturday I'll check them out again.

Pretty cool and you're supporting one of your local farms.

Follow the Holton Farms Truck on Twitter @holtonfarms or here

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lavenderpug said...

such a great idea. i'd love to join a CSA, but i think i'd feel too much *pressure* to use up everything. i guess i could just give the leftovers to the pugs.