Friday, September 17, 2010

J.Crew Factory: Now Online

In the recent trend of limited time only boutiques (Gilt Groupe, Rue La La), J.Crew's decided to go outlet online starting midnight Friday until 11:59 pm Sunday. It's a novel idea for a store like J.Crew. I'm especially intrigued since in the past few years they really focused on becoming a premium retailer with higher prices and limited edition or partnering with other brands on J.Crew exclusive items.

J.Crew Factory
Don't get me wrong. I love me some J.Crew Factory. It's a fun day going to the outlets and checking out the deals there. The pricing is waaay more friendly than the regular store plus you can find similar finds (though not always similar quality). Often, you'll find second runs of favorites from previous seasons and the styles don't turnover as quickly.

Here's what caught my eye in this weekend's outlet. I remember seeing these items in the 2009 fall collection.
Factory Double Serge Wool Bistro Mini in Ivory

Factory Rorschadt print cardigan
Factory microstripe crewneck sweater

Factory Poplin Brynn Dress
Unlike the J.Crew regular store site, Factory is pretty basic. There are no complex and alluring descriptions of the items, no models or multiple views. Just plain English and just the facts. That's fine. The pricing (from what I can tell so far) is similar to the outlet though I suspect outlet has better additional deals such as X% off everything.

If I know my online shoppers (and I think I do), some sizes will sell out quickly, so catch it Friday if you can. Worth checking out if you can't make it to the outlets every weekend.

What do you think of J.Crew Factory online? Will this replace your weekend trips to the outlet? (no way...)


denise said...

Yay! I'm your first follower! Good choices btw. I'm also excited about this new online outlet!

lavenderpug said...

ooh, i can see you looking fabulous in all of those!