Friday, September 24, 2010

Kitten. Meowsers!

Can anyone say TGIF? In the spirit of Halloween and fall "trends," I wanted to share this gem with you:
Cat in the Hood
And it's SOLD OUT! Whaaa? I know, I'm not young and trendy anymore. But am I missing something? Is this not a furry costume piece made into a hat? There was discussion recently among friends about how panda hats are all the rage in San Francisco. But at least that's explainable as a sports trend for fans of SF Giants' Pablo Sandoval.

If I'm gonna get on board with this trend, at least I'd like extra functionality like in this piece:

Keeps your hands warm.

Going feline this fall? Check out these cats* at Modcloth.
*second "cat" might be a wolf


Jennie said...
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Anonymous said...
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lavenderpug said...

you should get one and start stalking buddy around the apartment, hissing every once in a while for good measure.

Jennie said...

*edit* Those aren't the kind of hats that i was talking about! these are much cuter and functional ... with separate paws as mittens. lol.

Katie said...

That is too funny, and too cute!