Monday, September 20, 2010

Shut the Front Door.

I have an unhealthy habit of watching Bravo TV shows. Including the fashion-obsessed Rachel Zoe Project. More on that another day but today I found this jacket in J.Crew's October catalog:
Stadium-cloth peacoat with gold buttons
I like it. But do I love it? It's super preppy and has a retro gold button detail. Not to mention how in love I am with navy. J.Crew's stadium cloth is pretty durable and doesn't get nubby-looking like other wool fabrics.  But back to the title of the post.

This new wishlist item is inspired by a navy Burberry jacket I saw on Rachel Zoe Project when she went to London to the Burberry fashion show with Kate Hudson:

J.Crew's version is not quite the same (smaller collar, shorter length, more fitted) so the search may continue. But I'm loving military gone runway look with the leggings and boots for fall!

Has TV inspired your fall fashion wishlist? 


denise said...

I too, noticed the Jcrew navy peacoat with the gold buttons AND watched the Rachel Zoe episode where she went to the Burberry show. LOVE! Although the Jcrew one is a bit toned-down, it's still very classic but updated with the gold buttons. Perfect for SF weather, btw. ;)

lavenderpug said...

clearly i'm going to have to take some fashion tips from you. let's go shopping.

Jennie said...

i love the jcrew coats too - it's weird that i dont have one yet.