Monday, September 20, 2010

Take A Self-Photo With Your Honey

Do you like to take self-photos? Do you sometimes accidentally cut out a person in the picture? I'm not a fan of always asking a stranger to step in as my photographer, not to mention, it's kinda fun to do your own.  I used to take very bad self pics and it's never fun to have to redo it a bunch of times. The moment gets lost.

After many vacations, the Mr. and I finally figured out how to take a good self picture while we were in Venice, Italy. We've used this method ever since and haven't looked back!

Step 1: Pick a Holder and a Poser. Holder holds (duh) the camera at arm's length for the shot. The Poser poses all parties for the pic.
Ignore the red leash. There's a Buddy attached.
Step 2: Holder stands with arm out where Poser will stand.
Step 3: Poser stands behind camera to frame the scene.

Step 4: Poser gets in place next to the Holder.

Step 5: Holder clicks button. It's important to not shift the camera too much. Sometimes we hold the camera upside down and use our thumbs to click instead. It steadies it somehow.

And...that's it.

Do you have tips for taking good pictures on vacation of you and your honey?


denise said...

haha...thanks for the awesome tip! Nice matching glasses!

BigAppleNosh said...

Duh, would have never thought of that. GENIUS!!

lavenderpug said...

this is so great, and at the same time i love how dorky you two are in making sure you get a good pic! totally worth it!

Jennie said...

nice picture ;)