Sunday, September 12, 2010


I'm generally a fan of salty v. sweet treats. Except for one major weakness...

Ice cream.

Smooth, cold, creamy. Love it! Ice cream was always a treat growing up and it didn't help that my dad also loves ice cream. He reminisces about saving money as a poor college student with his roommates - eating rice and spam for dinner every night just so they could splurge on a half gallon of ice cream at the end of the week. I guess it's in my blood.

Mint chocolate chip that is. Mmm.

Breyer's is my fave. It's nothing fancy with traditional flavors. I eat too much in one sitting to have Haagen Daz every night. I don't appreciate the extra cream. Mostly it's about quantity. So last night when my sweetie scooped me some Haagen Daz vanilla, I had to ask, "Can I have more?"

It took me (and my immigrant parents) many MANY years to figure out how to say "Neopolitan" ice cream. For a long time, I think they called it "Napoleon." We ate every flavor (strawberry's my favorite). These are some of my favorite ice cream combos, have you tried any?

  • waffles with chocolate ice cream
  • ice cream slightly softened with my own spoon and mixed with Cheerios
  • soggy cake cones (the chewy yellow cups ones) with half melted Reese Peanut Butter Cup ice cream layered with butterscotch syrup (learned that one when I worked at Carvel one summer)

Gosh, what's my favorite flavor. Strawberry or mint chocolate chip. I like Rocky Road but the marshmallow bits kinda throw me off. These are important things to know about oneself.

Do you scream for ice cream? What's your favorite flavor or combo?


lavenderpug said...

breyer's mint chocolate chip used to be my absolute favorite! and when we had company over and i was at the kids' table, i would mash my ice cream until it became like ice cream soup (ok, like a milkshake) and eat it that way. i don't know if i have a favorite anymore, but your combos sound pretty damn good.

denise said...

that salted caramel from bi rite creamery is still up there!

BWB said...

@denise: Bi-rite requires its own post. Must visit again.