Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Come Here, My Pretty

I was bad. I was in the Union Square area having brunch with a friend. I stopped by Sephora on the way back to the subway. Look at my goodies:

I had intended on buying just *1* thing. The NARS sheer lip treatment (posted here). To be fair, I only purchased one other item and the third was a freebie (ok, so it's because I'm spent enough to earn a freebie). I got the lip, eye, and skin covered in this trip.

First the NARS. Must be a popular item b/c they only had one color left which was a very sheer pink. So sheer I can't see it on myself so this one is going back for a different color. I did like the texture and the shimmer.
NARS Pure Sheer Lip Treatment in Aurore, $19
Similarly, this creaseless eyeshadow has good shimmer and I think it's doable for everyday wear. I might go back for a more dramatic nighttime color (for all those nights once a month I might go out, haha!) I really just bought the color b/c I thought it was funny that it's called "Birthday Suit." Hahaha.
Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow, $19
Of course, I like my freebie the best. Body butter in pampelmousse (grapefruit). But I've gotten it before in passion fruit and I love the smell and feel. It's thick but not greasy. 
Sephora Body Butter, $16 for full size (sample shown)
Hm, looks like I have another Sephora mission on my hands, doesn't it? YES!!! I promise to try to only exchange the 2 items. Oh, I did want to try some dry shampoo. And I spotted an almond cake scented shampoo....

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lavenderpug said...

so fun! pampelmousse--even the name is lovely!