Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Having a Lace Moment

I usually poo poo lace. It walks a fine line between delicate and pretty and grandma's doily. I thought maybe I'd have a lace moment with my wedding dress but then ended up choosing something that was more typical me. Now it's fall and I find myself having a craving for the richer fabric.
Shoshanna has a short shift paired with see-through sleeves in one of my favorite underrated color combos navy and black.
Shoshanna Lace Boatneck
Since I am on the topic, let's peruse some others. This one is pretty similar to the first one but the all black fabric makes it look heavier.

Joie Lace Overlay Dress
Of course, J.Crew has its own version in nude with a black lace overlay. How is it that J.Crew's is most expensive? (It's in the J.Crew Collection.) The half sleeves are pretty cute and the length keeps it modern. Why is the model so hunched over??
J.Crew Elena Lace Shift
A lace overlay shift would be perfect for a holiday party or a wedding in the cooler months. Hm, I like these more and more as I look at them. Could this be a possible fall investment?? :D Well, we'll see.

What do you think of lace?

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lavenderpug said...

i've never been into lace, but after being exposed to the world of wedding dresses, i'm much more amenable to it. haven't purchased anything lacey yet because i'm such a boring dresser, though. the j. crew one is cute!