Friday, October 8, 2010

He's Draining My Retirement Savings

Buddy had a spa appointment yesterday. That includes a full bath, hair cut, and mani/pedi. He usually lets his fur grow 8 weeks between cuts (really? I only get my hair cut 3 times a year). This time we went 11 weeks...maybe that's a little too long because he was starting to look kinda shaggy/running into things because of the hair in his eyes (jk).

The Before:

Happily Fluffily
The After:

Is it cold in here?
Hehehe. The After makes me giggle. Look how skinny he looks! He loses a few L-B-S every time he goes to the groomer. This is his "tight in the body, long in the face" cut. I've made the mistake before of not specifying and ending up with something more along the lines of what I call the Naked Chicken look:
Look, Ma, no eyebrows!
The dog gets hair cuts that are more expensive than my own. In fact after Buddy came along, *I* started to go to a nicer salon because if anyone should have an expensive hair cut in this family, it should be ME! (The Hubs actually gets fancy hair cuts too but don't tell him I told you that.) At any rate, this guy's look is starting to add up. Plus the fact that I impulse buy at his groomer's (which is also his daycare / pet store / walker one stop shop).
Fancy bag for a dog store
BEHOLD! The $20 Lobster:
My claws make squeakies!
This toy claims to be super tough. Buddy, while he looks gentle, is very much NOT so with his toys. I'm willing to spend more on a toy if I know it won't get destroyed sooner. (Not to mention, I *had* to buy it since it was a lobster anyway).
Montage of moments with new friends. Check out those chompers.
Will this one last?? Or suffer the fate of another recent dog toy. My 401-k can't handle it.


Cathleya said...

Haha. Pups are so expensive! Billie just got her haircut too. I love her naked belly after a cut!!

lavenderpug said...

eh he he, that pic made me laugh as well. his expression is like "wha? feel naked." i know, these dogs of ours are so expensive.

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

Pretty sure I'm going to have to visit Barney & Benny this weekend... you know under the guise of visiting my parents.

Annie said...

Dang, that dog has gotten more manis and pedis than I have. He's living the high life over there with these fancy toys! I love the pics though. They are so funny!!

Katie said...

Awwwww he looks so cute after the groomer's appointment! I always think my pup looks extremely skinny when he gets back!