Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm a Halloweenie.

I'm a weenie when it comes to Halloween. I'm not creative and I feel silly dressed up because my costume is never good enough (in first grade I wore my Cinderella mask upside down in a para. However, this year is our first Halloween with Buddy. And he absolutely needs to dress up! This is New York! If you're not in a costume on Halloween, stay home! (which is what I normally do).

After spending a few hours browsing my dog costume options, here are some of the more entertaining ones. Not sure if Buddy's got a costume here but it was fun to look! Those dog models look so sad though. Or maybe just defeated.
World's Saddest Pug
 This costume cracks me up because of the legs!

 But let's not forget about the ladies:
Princess Leia
Super heroes are always popular:

This one goes out to my sisters who LOVE Batman
Hello, pretty flower. Hello. LOLOL. Omg.
Poor Lil Guy
ARRRRRR! Look at his Cap'n HOOK leg!!

Wow. They really tortured this bulldog.
A westie! Hahahaha, I couldn't do this to Buddy. But I considered it. Look how fat the poms make her legs look:
I hate my team..
What do you think? Any contenders or just good laughs? I might have an idea but I won't share it until it's done. By done I mean, I'll make it or give up trying. 


lavenderpug said...

oh my god that sharky pug. i love the flower, that's hilarious. can't wait to see what buddy "decides" to be for halloween!

Annie said...

I love that shark one! HA HA...can't wait to see buddy dressed up!

BigAppleNosh said...

Yoda, Yoda!!

Anonymous said...

I love the ones with legs!! You have to do one of thoes!