Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Night Dinner Brain Fart

Mm, that sounds like a good recipe doesn't it? How about Mushroom Rice with Baby Bok Choy?

Better. At least literal. It's Monday. It's raining. It's blah. I planned on walking home in the way of Chipotle and picking myself up a Fajita Chicken Bowl (which is like 1,000 calories!) Instead, I had to stay late at work (boo) AND I found out the Mr. would be coming home for dinner too...that is, expecting a real meal (or ordering take out) v. my usual grazing.

Chicken Jell-O Miracle
I came home a bit damp from the elements and stood in front of my refrigerator blank on dinner ideas. Then I saw it - the leftover chicken broth from last week (posting on that later)! It had turned into a chicken Jell-O. It kinda reminds me of that Friends' episode where they dared Ross to drink the chicken fat to prove his love to Rachel.

After a minute nuke, it was just enough to cover 2 cups of Jasmine rice in my rice cooker. That plus 2 large mushrooms that have been waiting for some cooking love kickstarted my dinner.

Here's what I ended up putting in my rice but you could really use any veggies in your fridge:
  • 2 cups jasmine rice (dry)
  • 12 oz. chicken broth (I would have used more if I had it)
  • a few anchovy filets 
  • 2 large portobello mushrooms sliced
  • ginger pieces
  • 2 scallions - sliced thin
  • half onion, diced, sauteed
  • a few dashes of fish sauce and salt to taste
Lots of Throwing Involved
Throw all this in to the rice cooker pot (or regular pot if you don't have a rice cooker) except save the scallions and onions for later on.

While the rice cooked, I sauteed the onions then threw them and the scallions when the rice was almost done. I stirred the rice a few times to incorporate all the ingredients added seasoning and just kept it on the heat. With the rice cooker, you can't really burn anything so at least it'd keep warm. Keep heated / cooking until mushrooms are extra wilted.

I stir fried some baby bok choy on the side with olive oil and salt. I topped it off with some dried nori (seaweed) pieces. Next time, I'd add some dehydrated shrimp or scallops, or dried shitake mushrooms (all typical in Cantonese cooking). If you want more protein, add some shredded chicken or cook a thigh in the rice itself.

The rice was soft and a bit sticky. The mushrooms cooked down to meaty bites and the broth made the rice more flavorful.  I'd make this again for any easy weeknight or rainy day dinner.

Prep Time: 15 minutes:
Cook Time: 20 minutes for rice to cook through (then as long as you want flavors to sink in)
Total Time: less than 1 hour


BigAppleNosh said...

Mmm, reminds me of mom's home cooking. And true to form, I'd probably leave the veggies and just eat the mushroom rice.

lavenderpug said...

ooh that looks tasty! just porridge-y enough, which is ever so comforting on a rainy night.

Anonymous said...

That looks awesome! And, I find myself staring in my fridge and pantry wondering what the hell I'm going to make often.

Annie said...

Yum...good idea! Also I noticed your pics look very fancy. ;) Are you using the portrait setting/playing with the aperture?

Alice said...

Oh! Delish! I make this at home quite frequently due to its simplicity (with a few variations). I'm going to have to try your recipe next week though!