Thursday, October 7, 2010

One Ticket To Grown-up-ville

My "decor" situation in the living room currently looks like this:

Not good. My apartment is organized in piles. Piles of magazines, piles of mail, piles of things to file, piles of nice gifts from our wedding guest. In one of those white bags in the corner is a very nice and elegant Tiffany vase that would look silly anywhere in our apartment because we have nowhere to showcase our nice thing(s?). Not only do we have this one nice thing now, but we also have all these photo frames and piles of books with no home but shopping bags and the floor (like the cable box, oh geez).

I have decided enough is enough and want to buy a pair of these ladder shelves:

Crate & Barrel
To turn my TV wall from zero to:
Sloane Mahogany Bookcase

They are $149 for each shelf and I wouldn't have the same upper shelf above the media center but close enough. What do you think, should I get those baskets too? How about the nice espresso mahogany floors to go with it? I'm hoping this shelf will also cover up some of that very apparent giant white void that is our apartment wall (yes, we've lived here over 2 years and yes I still plan on doing that fabulous "photo wall" day). 

We'll see if I can get all Tim Gunn and "make it work." Will keep you posted.


lavenderpug said...

that's such a great idea. lots of storage space but not overly clunky or imposing. our "decorating" mostly consists of sticking up large paintings on the walls--no imagination required.

Anonymous said...

That looks awesome! You have some great inspiration!

Annie said...

Ah yes, good idea. Crate and Barrel also has their outlet web site online if you're ever looking at!

Jennie said...

i love these shelves! i'm obsessed with them too.