Thursday, October 21, 2010

Treats for the Apartment

Look! I bought stuff.

I took advantage of Crate & Barrel's annual Free Shipping promotion and ordered a bunch of semi-useless semi-useful stuff for the apartment. Take a look see:

1. Useful - Savannah Charcoal Rug Runner. The previous one had been chewed on, peed on, and maybe even pooped on by Buddy. The cleaning lady (Yes, we have one. It's so worth it to avoid fights with the hubs) didn't like it b/c it'd get caught in the vacuum and now is all misshapen. Everyone will be happier now.

2. Useless - Woof Dog Bowls. Let's face it, I bought these b/c they're cute and under the guise of keeping the dog bowls clean and in rotation. (They also have "meow" ones for kitties!)

3. Useless - Gallon-size Glass Jars. Our kitchen counter is already pretty crowded. No need for more stuff. Again, under the guise of "for snacks" and "for dog food." Mm hm.

4. Use...ful? - End grain Chopping Block. It's pretty and I didn't have one on our registry. Reason for this one? Wood blocks are better for our new fancy knives. HA! I'm so good at rationalizing my spending. Edit: I really like this board. It's easier to cut on and has lots of space. 
All images from Crate & Barrel. So obvi, since my kitchen doesn't look amazing in the least bit.
Alright! I'm half useful and half useless. Also in our shipment was the Sloane Leaning Bookcase...currently unassembled in the living room. That's a post for another day.

What's your latest and greatest home purchase?


lavenderpug said...

yay how fun! love the woof bowls. my end grain cutting board is at my parents' because we don't have space in our kitchen, but your post makes me really want to go and get it!

BigAppleNosh said...

Fun! I need a bookshelf too, let us know how you like that one once you set it up!