Monday, October 25, 2010

Twilight For First Graders

WoohoO! It’s Halloween this week! I’m still working on Buddy’s mystery costume. Some of you already know what my plan is but we’ll see if I can complete it! 

Anyway, I was walking home from the subway last week and saw this at the Mystery Book Store. 

For seriously though
Dick and Jane and … Vampires? Really??! I’m baffled. I remember reading Dick & Jane in first grade but none with vampires. Apparently it's a new reader in the Dick and Jane style.

Look how scary that vampire is! I’m really curious what this story is about. Might be worth a trip to the Mystery Book Store this week.


BigAppleNosh said...

Oooooh awesome. I wonder if there's also a werewolf love interest in the story, like Dick and Jane and Jacob.

lavenderpug said...

dick and jane look pretty happy about the whole vampire-chasing-them thing.

Annie said...

For real? Crazy! Can't wait to see Buddy decked out!