Thursday, November 18, 2010

Loop de Loop Scarves

I've been obsessed with infinity scarves lately. It's a loop de loop of chunky warm goodness. I saw a couple of them last winter but this year they are all over the place! And for good reason. It's warm and cozy AND provides a great way to accessorize your neck in the cold cold winter.

Here are some of the ones I've found lately:

Always my go-to, J.Crew's marled "snood" - Not really sure what that stands for...scarf / hood? The word doesn't work. But the scarf does! Good weight and length - shorter than most so no need for double looping. Easy to slip on and off for that extra warmth factor. And in a cute marled knit (all over J.Crew this year).
Marled Knit Snood,
As I overbought (and returned) a few, I've noticed a couple key things to look out for when buying your own loop scarf, length and weight.

Length is important because you don't want too much of a gap between the 2 loops. There's less warming factor with a gap. Look for weight and chunkiness of knit because these scarves are pretty big and can start weighing down your neck with 2 loops. Not comfy. I'm a fan of lighter weight wools, acrylic blends (stretchy and light), and cashmere even (if you can afford it).

I love the idea of Anthropologie's The Grand Tour Loop's wider knit. But like the review said, kinda intimidated by the largeness of it. Yet it looks super cosy (whoa, are we British now?) I love the silvery white for winter!
The Grand Tour Loop
Here's a more modest version: a thinner knit and shorter length. Doable everyday and in a variety of super fall colors.
On-and-On Loop

Mmm, this ModCloth number makes me think of strawberry cream cheese. Did I eat breakfast yet?
Strawberries and Dreams
I bought this cable knit scarf earlier this fall. Now I'm just waiting for cold enough weather to debut it. Though I could see myself wearing this with my fave UVA tshirt and jammy pants dropping crumbs in the loop watching movies. Hm...
Circle of Life Scarf in White
What about more casual stripes?
Aqua Rugby Stripe
Now the biggest question is, how many is too many and what colors? What's your must have winter accessory?


Anonymous said...

Oooh, I like those. It's only just starting to get cold here, so I'm starting to pull out my scarves again, but I'm tired of them. Maybe I need something like this.

lavenderpug said...

heehee i like the image of getting all gussied up with the loop scarf, to sit and watch movies. i really like that one!

Jessica said...

These are BRILLIANT. Seriously, need some.

Nellie said...

I'm been obsessed too, but I haven't actually bought one yet. I keep wanting one that is wide enough so I can use it as both a scarf and hoody simultaneously!

BigAppleNosh said...

I envision endless fun with one of these. And I also could see my cat stealing it and using it for a new bed!

Annie said...

Can you wear these without looping it around?

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of the circle scarfs! I found some great ones the other day!