Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Virginia is for Lovers

And us. We went to visit my parents the other weekend. They still live in the home I grew up in. It was a nice break from New York. The weather was warm for fall (70F?) and quiet so we slept like babies all weekend. Even Buddy:
We were there only 1 full day so the hubs and I went shopping at a local pedestrian mall and left the dog with the grandparents (practice for when we have kids). I love that mall. It’s got an Anthropologie, Paper Source, J.Crew, and Sephora all in one concentrated area and a Yogen Fruz which is a faux Pinkberry (which some argue is a faux Red Mango, anyhoo...). The best part of being home was the yummy Chinese meal prepared by my mommers.

Soy sauce chicken wings made in soy sauce with brown sugar to get that caramel brown color:

Wok fried large prawns seasoned simply with scallions, salt, and pepper:

Sliced lotus root stewed with shitake mushrooms. If you've never had lotus root, it's good! Takes on the flavor of whatever sauce it's in. It's kinda crunchy and starchy.

And she gave me the leftovers. Thanks, Mom!

Buddy had a good time too. He had lots of space to roam and parked himself in his favorite spot by the back door. He stood guard most of Saturday staring for…squirrels. I know he’s bred for that type of thing, but the dog went so nutso every time a chipmunk or squirrel scurried by.

Later, during one of our usual Target runs, we picked up a “realistic” chipmunk dog toy. The hubs favored the raccoon but it looked *too* realistic for me, lest I come out of the bedroom in the morning and think I see roadkill on my living room floor.
Look how straight up those ears are
We had a great time at my parents’ place. Even got to take the hubs to my elementary school (still the same playground after 20+ years). Makes me wonder if it’s time to move to the suburbs (kidding! kidding...for now)


MayLove said...

Buddy is so cute! Westies are adorable!

BigAppleNosh said...

Looks like such a nice relaxing weekend. And I love soy sauce chicken wings!!

Jessica said...

Yay for Virginia! That's where we live. :D

Buddy is too adorable, I like his hair short. Me thinks it's time for my pup to get a haircut.

lavenderpug said...

what a good watchdog. and killer. aawwrrr...kill the chipmunk buddy, kill the chipmunk. on a different note, your mom sure is a fabulous cook!

Cathleya said...

Mmm soy sauce chicken how I miss it so!!! Tell your mom she can be my mom too! I'm so glad Buddy got to roam, he looks so happy! I feel a bit sad for Billie when we visit peoples' houses that have backyards, you can really see her enjoying herself...she lays in the grass, runs in crazy circles, watches birds...we feel so bad that we coop her up in our condo when we see how happy she is just to sit around outdoors :(

Try Anything Once Terri said...

That looks like a wonderful dinner and sounds like a fun weekend!

Annie said...

aww love that first pic

denise said...

Buddy must be so happy to have such a big yard to run around in. Aww Buddy...