Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wait, Is This My Home??

When I knew our shelves were being delivered, I read the assembly manual online. The first section was easy (assembling the shelf), but then there was the saftey wall mount that required brackets, a drill, and studfinder. Uh....How about a screwdriver and a good guess?? When I told the hubs his response was "Let's just call the front desk to assemble it on Thursday." Say what now?

Yes, this guy grew up in New York and had superintendents and handymen all his life. Still, it's no excuse to not try. THEN when I said "Why don't we ask to borrow a drill and studfinder from the super?"

And he said, "What do you need a finder for? Look no further."


Back to the shelves. One weekend, I had an empty apartment sans dog and hubs so I took it upon myself to improve our home. The assembly was straightforward. Took me less than an hour per shelf. And my stack of magazines finally came in handy propping up the shelf.

My dad came over to help out with the wall mount. We ended up not needing the studfinder, an educated guess was all. By "we", I mean my dad. I stood there as he drilled, etc.
Hi, Dad.
I'm loving these shelves. They really classed up the joint. The only "d'oh!" moment was when I started to fill up the shelves. The tiers get narrower as you go up and guess what. They are pretty narrow up top. So narrow I can barely put a photo frame on the upper tiers. HAHA, joke's on me! The C&B photos are somewhat deceiving as I feel they must have used miniature items.
Still a work in progress
Nevertheless, it is a stark improvement from the before:
Pretty white wall. BLAH.
I might hang the photo frames on the wall behind the shelf instead and find another place for my larger  items (which ironically was the whole purpose of this purchase). I'll also add a long frame or something above the TV.

Verdict? Worth checking out if you are looking to not put too much stuff on them. They also come in a nice gray color now.


MayLove said...

I'm looking to do something similar with our TV. We just bought a fireplace/tv stand combo, but I need more storage for DVDs, and hubby's video games. These shelves are adorable! I'm thinking of using baker's racks since I have scoured just about every furniture place I can think of and can't find anything I love! GR! Why must this be so hard! Great job on the assembly!

BigAppleNosh said...

They look great! I totally recruit my dad for handy projects as well.

Jessica said...

I've seen those shelves before and was really tempted. They look great!

lavenderpug said...

looks fantastic! and such a great fit for the apartment.

denise said...

Looks GREAT! Good job Dad!