Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Crazy

We finally got and decorated our tree. Not to make this post anticlimatic or anything but just to forewarn you there's not tree photo. Just everything leading up to it. HA! Love me for the lazy ass that I am, please. Hubs and I have now purchased 3 trees for the 3 holidays we've lived together. This year will be our first married Christmas and we'll actually be spending it together. Now that its' official, I've been trying to amp up the Christmas Crazy...which you'll see is not really that crazy at all.
Our first Christmas tree was a tabletop from Whole Foods. Last year, we upped it to a 6 footer which is also what we bought this year. See tree lot below:

We got spirit out the wazoo in Tribeca.

For those of you who don't live in a city, buying Christmas trees is a different experience. Exhibit A / 1 (for those who prefer #s): apartment buildings in the background. Tree "lots" are basically a street corner (see above) with wheelin' and dealin' sales guys. Exhibit B/2 is that trees are nutso expensive. I guess it makes sense...they have to cut them down and drive them ALL the way to New York. I grew up in the 'burbs. You could get a tree for...$40 (we didn't though. We had the faux tree.)

The hubs considers it part of his manly duty to CARRY the tree home. He scoffed at a guy earlier who was using a shopping cart. To contrast, I saw a mom with a kid and grocery bags, toting her tree home in the stroller. I just noticed that it looks like hubs is wearing that red bow on his head. Not masculine.

Manly. We live a few blocks away so it wasn't *that* bad...Though how would I know? I was falling behind taking photos.

Back at home, I looked at the rest of our measly collection of ornaments.

And quickly decided to order more from Crate and Barrel.
Pointsetta Stockings
Furry Penguin
Glitter Balls
Once the tree is done, it'll complete what I call our "Christmas nook".
Maybe after those new ornaments arrive, I'll take a pic of the whole tree. How are you decorating for the holidays? And when can I take off from work already?


craftywife said...

I've been going Christmas Crazy, too! We only have a few ornaments, so I used wedding photos to make a garland. We just used that and Christmas lights to decorate the tree, but the rest of the house is starting to look more festive. I also went to Crate to get some holiday decor! I love their stuff!

lavenderpug said...

is one of those stocking for BUDDY??? i wanted to get the pugs their own stockings but with two of them, i decided they weren't worth it. ha. and i *love* the red bow raggedy ann look for mr. lobster. yay i love all your purchases and decorations--so festive!

Jessica said...

I have to admit, I wouldn't think to use a shopping cart. That sounds pretty ingenious. Love those ornaments from Pottery Barn!

Anonymous said...

I forgot how hard it must be to get a tree while living in NY. I'm impressed that you all still get them every year!