Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's December 1st.

Every holiday season I feel ambitious. My mind runs with all these thoughts of cute cocktail parties, desserts, gift ideas, decor, on and on and on. Eventually, I get overwhelmed and end up with no holiday party, no dessert, regular wrapping paper with stick on bows and tags. This year, though I tried to avoid it, my mind has holiday spirit coming out the wazoo but I'm tired after all that wedding planning. At the same time, I have even MORE ideas from wedding planning.

In an effort to stay sane but keep occupied and provide you with good blog posts (I hope), here are some of the more reasonable wishlist DIY:

What to do with my extra gray and white twine from wedding invitations:
Hm, but what I really want to do is buy new red and white twine :) What is it about kraft paper that is so alluring? I don't get it (but I want it).
Elizabeth St
Holiday cards. Envelope liners? (In reality, I'm not going to do this but the thought has crossed my mind). If I wasn't using Shutterfly, I'd buy these...again with the kraft paper.
Since I have a pack of leftover felt from Buddy's Halloween costume, felt tree ornaments inspired by these cuties I found on Etsy:
Red Marionette
I haven't even gotten to the food-related ideas yet. I am so making these. Got my mint extract ready to go.
Chocolate Cupcakes with Peppermint Frosting
When will I get all of this done AND my Christmas shopping?? Who knows. What are your ambitious projects for December this year?


lavenderpug said...

oh, the possibilities! i really want to make those cupcakes now. i know how you feel with grandiose plans that don't always come to fruition (or ever). will have to temper my expectations for myself this year...

nellie said...

Great list! I did really well in 2008 and then it all went downhill from there. Then the problem gets to be that you set the bar too high and you have to improve every year. I've have about 10 holiday DIY craft kits I've been collecting for 3 years now stashed away in the closet. I think I'd have to start on those in January in order to have them complete!