Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good Eats NYC: Hill Country BBQ or Meat Won. I Lost.

Piles of meat will defeat any person. Including lil ol' me. Why am I even talking about this? Recently my team wanted to go to dinner to celebrate my boss' big move to a new group. Typically a team dinner might include drinks, a couple courses, etc. Not my team. They like eating contests. Once they went out and ate wings until the 2nd place winner was sweating bullets. Another time some of them went out to do the "hottest curry in America" challenge. 

This time was all you can eat BBQ. See below.
That is exactly how the $25 All You Can Eat Mondays works. Platters of meat. For normal people, you'd get just the one platter which is about 4 lbs of food. But for *my* coworkers, we had 4 trays of 4 lbs of food. REALLY? We had about 12 people. Our waiter Travis claims most groups do 1 or 2 trays but we maxed out at 4. The all you can eat trough includes beef brisket, pork ribs, and bbq chicken. Meat "refills" come in large packets of kraft paper.

It also includes tasty sides such as:
  • Beer braised cowboy pinto beans
  • White shoepeg corn pudding
  • Sweet potato bourbon mash
  • Green bean casserole 
  • Smokey chipotle deviled eggs
  • Confetti coleslaw
  • Cool as a cucumber salad

We split the table longways so we sat across from the opposing team. The cornbread butter was out of play. Meat was split evenly in pieces as each new platter arrived. All sides had to be consumed. Bones had to be approved by the the other team before being discarded.

We ate for 2 hours.

Oh, how was the food? Um....the brisket was really tender but fatty (easily separated though). The ribs were good but I've had better. I didn't bother with the chicken (too many bones to work through) and the sides were pretty good. (I avoided the heavy carbs for purposes of keeping volume free in my belly.) The coleslaw was peppery, cucumber salad was refreshing and tart, sweet corn pudding, respectable green bean casserole.

Thankfully, we didn't partake (though it was put into consideration as a tie breaker) but they also serve yummy looking cupcakes. The PB&J cupcake are the most popular.

All You Can Eat Mondays are $25 per person (for meat and sides). A great spot for groups and a fun atmosphere.

*images from

Hill Country 
30 West 26th Street 
New York, NY 


kelsey@mintedlife said...

Wow, you guys are serious about your competitions!! I like it!

Try Anything Once Terri said...

Oh my! That is a whole lotta food! I've been meaning to go there, but I haven't had the chance. Thanks for the heads up!

Jessica said...

I'm all about those side dishes! Yum!

lavenderpug said...

i love that your coworkers have this tradition--how fun! the amount of food is mind-boggling. i'm with jessica, those sides look amazing!

Annie said...

Wow - I do not see you in a food eating contest of any sort. :)