Thursday, February 24, 2011

Life After Lobster's Going to Paris!!

Spring break, spring break!!!!!! Recently, a friend of mine and I decided to do spring break the grown-up way, en Paris and avec macarons! I can't wait!
HiP Paris
We're going in early spring so I'm sure it will rain. And somehow we'll have to stay chic and dry:

HiP Paris
HiP Paris
When we're not eating french bistro fare in REAL French bistros:
HiP Paris
HiP Paris
Or enjoying beautiful Parisian architecture:
HiP Paris
Or shopping:
HiP Paris
Of course, there will be sightseeing involved as well and especially since we will be centrally located in Saint Germain de Pres staying in a hotel near Luxembourg Parc:
Personal Photo - Palais de Luxembourg
I'm pumped. Have you been to Paris? What are your favorite Parisian must-see's and must-do's?

All images courtesy of HiP Paris Blog unless otherwise noted


BigAppleNosh said...

Sooo fun! I love Paris. One of my favorite activities was stopping by the local shop for some bread, cheese and...yogurt (random I know) and having a little park picnic :)

lavenderpug said...

oh that sounds wonderful! i love paris and totally want to go back. a place with a neighborhood bakery feel that's good for picking up little snacks is boulangerie kayser. they have several locations. i also really liked the farmers market that they have in the 7th arondissement (on sundays). this was a few years ago, but i also heard great things about bistro paul bert. ooh so exciting!

Mrs. Hot Cocoa said...

So jealous! Get some macarons!!!

Try Anything Once Terri said...

AAAHHHH....Paris in the spring. Of course I went during their worst heatwave ever. :) If you have a chance to go to Versailles, definitely do it. Since you mentioned macarons, are you going to Laduree?

Katie said...

Ohhh my exciting! I am sooo jealous!

Anonymous said...

So, sooo jealous. :) I hope you have a fabulous time!