Friday, March 25, 2011

Burger Up! Shake Shack

Shake Shacks have been popping up all over NYC after the original one opened up in Madison Square Park back in 2004. Recently, I was in the Upper West Side and decided to check out the location on 77th Street and Columbus Ave just caddy corner to the Natural History Museum.

It was a cold sunny spring day in New York and the line was out. the. door. It moved pretty quickly and if you're there just for shakes there's a separate faster moving "C" line. Since the hubs hasn't had Shake Shack before we kept it simple with two Shack Burger singles with lettuce, tomato, and pickle, fries, and a draught root beer, yeah I said draught! The Shack burger comes with melty American cheese and a Shack sauce on a plain bun.

20 minutes later our buzzer buzzed and we got our food. 10 minutes later our burgers had been devoured. Every buttery cheesy bite. The veggies and pickle were fresh and the burger juicy without being greasy or spilling out. The single was perfectly sized to take comfortable and neat bites without juices running all over (pet peeve of eating burgers for me).

And the fries? Also tasty. They were crinkle cut Yukon Gold (my fave tater) fries, crispy but not over-fried, and well-seasoned. (They also have cheese fries). Yum. This time we washed it down with a peppery and not too sweet root beer from Abita Springs, Louisiana. Next time I will plan arrive with an emptier stomach and order a shake or concrete (like a Dairy Queen blizzard I think).

Was it the best burger in New York? Not sure but definitely up there. It's quality take out with fresh treats if you don't mind a little wait. And I'll admit, I've kinda been thinking about it a few days later.

Rumor has it that Shake Shack is opening up in my neighborhood a mere 2 blocks from my apartment (bad news bears). Nothing like sharing a burger and shake on a park bench with your dog staring at you for a bite.

Shake Shack
Upper West Side location
Columbus Ave at 77th Street

Visit the original Shake Shack:
Madison Square Park 
Madison Ave and East 23rd Street


Alice said...

Man! I've been craving a burger lately, but have been "good". I think you just might have tipped the scale for me today...

BigAppleNosh said...

YUM! I love Shake Shack but not the wait (but I've only been to the MSP location)

Jessica said...

There's nothing better than a really REALLY good burger.... drool

Annie said...

Looks like my kind of burger! Can't wait until one opens up near you so I can try some!

lavenderpug said...

so yummy! i have yet to brave the line at the UWS location, though. such a wimp!

Jennie said...

I've been wanting to try Shake Shack for a while ... but the one time I went, we got out of line cause we thought it would take too long! Looks delicious!

Tiffany said...

Oh my lord, that is one good looking burger! And now I'm hungry. Thanks! ;)

Cindie said...

oh my, your blog is listed on my Google Chrome most visited and every morning when I open chrome I see a pic of this burger and it makes me want one!! :)