Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Means Rain

And rain means cute rain boots and umbrellas! Since I've got Paris on the brain here's a rainy day in the City of Lights:
Back to the my point of this post, let's brighten up our rainy days with some accessories:

I've been eyeing these bad boys for a looooong time. Need sunshine? Just bring your own in the form of that super yellow umbrella.

Or, if you're like me, opt for something more neutral you can wear to work. Still love Hunters in the glossy graphite gray. Wouldn't that umbrella be cute with it?

Try some (non-functional) laces to mix it up:
Tretorn Laced Boots
Or how about the luxury brand that loves rainy days, good ol' Burberry:
Burberry Rain Boots
Need more cute umbrella ideas? Check out Modcloth. Yes I realize these are all out of stock. That's what happens when you snooze on a rainy day.

Maybe try one of these bubble umbrellas that feels so retro. I have a similar one and love it! It protects my upper half and I can still see everything!
Bubble Umbrella
Rain, rain , go away but if you're not at least give me my cute accessories.


BigAppleNosh said...

Love it! I want all of those umbrellas. ALL!

Marissa said...

That bubble umbrella looks fantastic - Like it doesn't/won't flip inside out when the wind in full effect...I must look into purchasing one :)

Jessica said...

I love the bright yellow umbrella myself and have been drooling for some Hunter's for a while now!

Annie said...

it's been raining here for 11 days...i need a bubble umbrella

lavenderpug said...

so cute! i have hot pink rain boots and umbrella. it's a bit much all together, but i don't care.

Jennie said...

i hope you won't have to use an umbrella much!