Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Psst, It's Me Again

I've been pretty erratic lately on writing. I think I've been kinda blue lately. Then I realized that NOT writing makes me feel even more disconnected and I miss you guys (whoever you are reading this...). When you're away for a long while, sometimes it feels like I can't just post new stuff like nothing's happened so then I delay it and delay it and more time goes on and then the more disconnected I feel. It's a vicious cycle.

No Excuses
As part of my apology, I give you a Buddy photo. I feel like you can't get mad at me if I post a pic of him. Recently, he had an ear infection, so his ear got all floppy and heavy from the medicine we were forcing on him. His beard is brown because we give him tap water (tap?! how uncouth). He looks like he has a big head from this angle. Big Head Buddy.
Maybe the answer is to not force myself to write a certain way or only on certain topics. When I was growing up, I wrote in journals all the time (god forbid anyone ever finds those). Pages and pages and notebooks and notebooks. I haven't written in a journal in almost 10 years. I like writing...both writing like the words and also writing with a pen. Even though, I have to say I'm a pretty good typist. In high school before the internet and email became all the rage, my mom would help me type up my papers because I was a hunt-and-pecker (I just mistyped 'hung and pecker' which would be for a TOTALLY different kind of blog).

Where was I going with this? I wasn't.

Moving on Up! To the East Side...
(Actually west side but the song doesn't go that way). We're moving soon. Whee!!! Not that far just 100 blocks uptown to the Upper West Side. It'll be a good change for us. We'll be near Central Park and the Natural History Museum (my work gives me free tickets so I could go see the wooly mammoth or dinosaur bones anytime I want, but let's face it I won't b/c no one ever actually goes to the musuems in their city, unless you do in which case it's just me). Buddy will have more room to roam free, or more truthfully escape from my forced cuddles.

It's time for a change and the Hubs and I spent most of this year on this task! It's taken up a lot of my mind space and maybe that's why I haven't been writing as much. BUT the upside is that it will possibly give me new topics to explore such as .... paint! How fun. Don't you want to pick out paint colors with me? And decorating! We're bringing all of our existing furniture but need a few new pieces to fill in spaces. But no DIY. Sorry, kids. I love the idea of home DIY and the inspiration all of you bloggers give but I can't spray paint in my apt. Or handle a saw. I can barely handle putting up blinds (but I do know I can do it better than the hubs).

Other Juicy Tidbits
The one year wedding anniversary is coming up. Can you believe it? I can finally eat that friggin' cake that's been taking up the room in my freezer. I bet it tastes like frozen peas and fish or something equally gross. I'm committed to celebrating this anniversary. The hubs and I have been pretty lazy about celebraing dating anniversaries since we never really had a real date. But now we do and it's an official one. Speaking of which, this reminds me we need to fix our marriage license because it has my age being 10 years older than I am which makes me a cougar.

Did I already have my 2nd cup of coffee today? I can't remember but I'm too scared go back for more. I think I'm back. Thanks for listening.


arunnerslife said...

UPPER WEST SIDE?!?!?!?! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Our dogs can be best friends!! That's amazing, super excited you're going to be so close to us! Let me know if you guys need help moving or anything! YAY!

BigAppleNosh said...

Yay, I'm glad you're back! Looking forward to hearing more about what's been going on in the Lobster world lately.

Jessica said...

Yay on the new place!! I can't wait to hear all about it. And everything is a-okay if you provide Buddy pics. ;)

lavenderpug said...

so much going on! hung and pecker, hehe.

congrats on the apartment and the move! we're all very excited about it.

poor floppy ear buddy!

Jennie said...

technically i'm a puma. lol.

Annie said...

I have that picture on both my phones and work laptop. I can't stand it...he's so cute.