Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Good Eats now in NYC!: Ladurée Macarons

During our trip to Paris, my travel buddy and I ate 20 macarons in 2 days. Is that too much? To give you some perspective, that's about $40 in cookies. Blame it on the exchange rate OR blame it on the deliciousness of Ladurée.

Oh, macarons, so pretty...the smooth round top of the almond meringue, the crusty "feet", the ganache filling peaking out between the two cookies.
Photo courtesy of my sister
I've had a few macarons in New York and they don't come close in comparison to the Ladurée macarons. My travel buddy and I loved them so much we stocked up on the last day to bring a suitcase full back for our family and friends (and ourselves of course!)

The Ladurée macaron is chockful of textures. When you first bite it, you break into the crisp outer shell. Then a slight chewiness of the cookie, followed by an even chewier bite of the filling paired with a burst of flavor from the middle. You can taste the almond bits in the cookie. The fillings taste fresh and made with real  ingredients - framboise (raspberry) made of real raspberry with real raspberry seeds.

Fast forward a few months from my Paris trip and now there's a Ladurée  in NYC! On a recent visit on a Sunday afternoon, the line for the French delights was out the door. Granted the store is pretty small so it's easy to create a long line. I waited about 30 minutes before I got to my cookies - the same flavors available in Paris with the addition of Cinnamon Raisin - maybe something seasonal for American palates? I stuck w/the tried and true favorites - Rose, Black Currant, Raspberry, Pistachio, and Salted Caramel. I suspect the cookies are imported because it's like I'm being transported back to Paris.
Cute Halloween display
How much for that cookie in the window?
Priced at $2.75 each, these macarons are not an inexpensive treat. Then again, what's $2.75 when your taste buds are transported to Paris?

Have you tried macarons? What's your favorite flavor combination?

Ladurée New York
864 Madison Avenue between 70th and 71st streets
New York, 10021
(646) 558-3157


Try Anything Once Terri said...

I'm waiting till the fervor dies down before making my way up to the Upper East Side. I have heard that they may be opening one in SoHo

Jessica said...

I've never had a macaron and these look DELICIOUSSSS!

lavenderpug said...

i love pistachio-flavored anything, and who can turn down salted caramel. how exciting they opened an NYC location!

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

I am SO jealous! I'm also bummed b/c Hubs was in NYC this past weekend on business and, if I'd known, I would have had him bring me home a couple million dozen.

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

P.S. The rose flavor is m favorite :)

Annie said...

Oh yum! Thank you for bringing me some. Loved it!

Jennie said...

looks amazing! mmm mmm.