Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Cards

Last year I ordered holiday cards decorated with one of our newly received professional wedding photos. I revisited the site this year and opted for a non-photo card called the Merry Ribbon design in orange.
Merry Ribbon Holiday Non-Photo Cards
I left the card pretty much how the sample looks and even though I loooooved the backing and envelope liner options, the total price per card was just too much for me (even after a 20% discount). Plus if I'm really ambitious, I have some leftover paper from wedding stuff that I could use for liners.
Cute liner option
Back options
This year I also scaled back on the # of cards. Last year I waited until the last minute and hurriedly sent out cards to a bunch of folks. I'm also debating whether to keep the "2011" off the card in case I do have extra. Then I can save them for next year.

Are you doing holiday cards this year?


lavenderpug said...

those are so cute! i have vaguely thought about holiday cards but haven't done anything to follow through. looks like it will be another rush order this year.

The Nest Chapter said...

I love the font on the cards. I used Minted, too! I was really tempted by the backers and other optional pieces, but had to holkd back. It can get really pricey.

Jennie said...

Cute cards! maybe leave out the 2011 and hand write it in. :)