Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Good Eats SF: Tony's Pizza Napoletana

On my last trip to California, my San Francisco born and bred friend mentioned he heard somewhere that the "best pizza in the U.S." was at Tony's. He didn't believe it and looking at two New Yorkers (me and the hubs), he knew that we didn't believe it either. So we did some research. While USA Today doesn't claim it to be the "best" it does call it "the most unique and comprehensive pizzeria in the nation, if not the world". Ok, pretty credible source so why not check it out?

Not sure what to expect, we were all surprised and impressed by the menu which was divided into several sections boasting pizza specialties from different regions (Napoletana, Califorina, Classic American (New York style), Roma, Sicilian, Detroit, Classic Italian, even St. Louis) which each has its own type of oven and temperature (gas, electric, wood, coal)! Very cool.

We ordered two pizzas for the four of us. First, Tony's award winning Margherita (according to the USA Today review, he's the first American ever to win the title of World Champion Pizza Maker at the World Pizza Cup in Naples 2007). The menu states that only 73 Margherita pizzas are made each day in a 900 degree wood-fired oven.

The Margherita had a thin fluffy crust with a smokey flavor. Tomatoey but not too much marinara sauce and perfectly placed fresh mozzarella bites topped the pizza. It was a win for Tony's and for our stomachs.

Next up, we tried a coal-fired white pizza with garlic and clams. Another win! This white pizza had garlicky clam bites cooked into the cheese along with some very juicy whole clams with shells on top. Like bonus bites of clammy goodness.

There were so many other pizzas I would have liked to try on this extensive menu. I wonder if they all would be as tasty as the Margherita and White pizzas we had. Oh well, save something for the next trip.

If you're in the North Beach area or are interested in getting your Sicilian pizza next to your Cali style, check out Tony's!

Which type of pizza would you try?

Tony's Pizza Napoletana
In North Beach
1570 Stockton Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 835-9888


Jessica said...

Margherita pizza is one of my faves, sounds like you guys had a delicious dinner!

lavenderpug said...

those look so yummy! i love a good pizza.

Annie said...

glad you were able to try this! yummm!

Tiffany said...

OH.MY.WORD. That looks beyond delicious!!

Jennie said...

Would you say it's the best pizza in the US? ;)