Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blue & Green Baby Shower

It's been a busy spring! Last month, I hosted a baby shower for a good friend of mine who was having a boy. Since it was a co-ed welcome baby party, I wanted to keep the decor cute but not cutesy as to not offend any of the guys' sensibilities :)
Being a shower for a boy, I automatically gravitated toward baby blue. I bought alllll this baby blue stuff from Target and felt very uninspired. So after much (somewhat desperate) searching online for inspiration, I finally landed on a punchier spring green and shades of blue theme.  Inspired by some Amy Atlas tables, the ideas were flying so I sketched out my table using pen and pencil, the old fashioned way :) Here was my inspiration sketch:

And here the work-in-progress (I never did take a final picture w/all the food and everything!):
I created the bunting sign using free printable letters from wedding blog Ruffled and threaded it on grosgrain ribbon:
I made this "Baby Boy" sign using fun (and free) fonts from in Powerpoint hanging on the same grosgrain ribbon. The baby socks attached to more ribbon later were a fun take home goodie for the momma!
I tied it all together with similarly color-themed streamers and wrapping paper with a little creativity, tape, and scissors. I created a cut-out monogram:
And lined the candy favors with more of the blue striped wrapping paper. Also shown here are more free printables I used from another blog Intimate Weddings to make a yummy take-home favor for guests customized with the baby's name: 
For the dessert "centerpiece", I made mini cupcakes which are always a crowd pleaser and an easy bite! Completed with blue crystal sprinkles, cupcake flags and a mini bunting made with skewers, twine, and scraps of wrapping paper. The cake stand is elevated with wrapped books:
Finally, for decor filler I scattered blue tissue paper pom poms throughout the room. I bought these Martha Stewart pom poms for $15 (8 in this pack) which you can buy in assorted theme colors (pinks, greens, oranges, I wanted them all!). I attempted making them from scratch but the kit was WAY better. Well worth the $15 and saved time. I hung a few on fishing wire and then also placed some throughout on tabletops. White hydrangeas from the corner florist kept with the poofy theme.

Here are my tips for painless and cute party decor:
  • Pick a simple color theme. Use shades of the same color so you're not struggling to match everything exactly.
  • Tie the room together with creatively used patterned wrapping paper and streamers. It's inexpensive and multi-purpose.
  • Add dimension to your decor with poofs, balloons, and flowers.
  • Elevate serving plates or your centerpiece with wrapped books or boxes.
  • Use those wedding blogs for free templates and printables!
There you have it! A DIY blue and green themed baby shower/welcome baby party. What are your favorite DIY party tips?


BigAppleNosh said...

WOW - everything looks so well done and professional! I love it!

lavenderpug said...

you lived up to your inspiration sketch and more--so impressed with all the thought and detail! your friends must have been so happy with everything.

Amanda said...

It looks amazing! I love the color scheme!

Jennie said...

everything looks great! love the banner and the socks :)