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About Buddy
Buddy is our 2 year old Westie. His likes include socks, treats, sleeping on cuddly things, and tennis balls. Dislikes include horses on TV, forced snuggles, and not eating.

I call Buddy my "Christmas puppy" because he was a Christmas present from the hubs. He came to us via a loving breeder in Toms' River, New Jersey. When the hubs initially searched for available Westies, he found out that the Westie Centennial was in September 2009 and so Westies were "out of stock" by the time he was looking for my Christmas present.

After some digging and contacting the Westie Club of America, Buddy came to us a little bit older than most puppies at 4 months old from a home full of female Westies. Since she couldn't keep an un-neutered male around all the breeding females, the breeder decided to adopt Buddy out as a pet. And that's how he came to us here at Life After Lobster! For more info on finding your own Buddy check out the Westie Club of America.
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